Nov 29, 2011

32 is still a god damn number

Release of '32' went pretty good. It's only been up for barley under a month and it has close to all the tracks have close to 1,000 views and 77 downloads so far!

I think my favorite track on the demo is 'Tiny Thieves.' It's had the most success and is pretty much tied as the fan favorite with 'Pretty Raving Pirates.'

If you haven't already, pick up the download for free at

lawl update

Woah! I just realized I haven't updated in a whole month!!! Yes, I am aware of how pitiful this website is. over the next month, I promise you I will have this blog up and running by the end of the year. I'm having my cousin who is also a photographer/blog designer/blogger re-do my website to make it look prettyful, derp. so yeah. prepare your body for an epic amount of material. I'm not going to pretty up this post because i'm just going to delete it later. so WEEEE :D

Oct 25, 2011

What's left to do?

Today: First half of solo: Tiny Theives
Wednesday: Band practice, 2nd half of solo in Tiny Thieves
Thursday: Hybrid's Downfall
Friday: Open for All Time Low with Think Harder
Saturday: Day - Hybrid's Downfall. Night - DJ Private party. Late-night - Finish Hybrid's Downfall
Sunday - Last-minute re-mastering, fix up a couple more hidden tracks, finalize album art, burn 100 copies onto blank discs
Monday: after school - set up set for CD release party. 6:32 - CD IS RELEASED!



Oct 21, 2011

Project Rejected

I'm launched a project called Project Rejected today. It will be an ongoing project throughout my entire career. All the songs that don't get into an album, or will never get used for anything else will be put in Project Rejected. Every song in this project will be available for download for free! :D I'll post a link to it very soon, promise ^_^

Album Art!!!

I can't decide whether to leave the ink slots in or out. :/ of course if i left them in, I would take out the black thing at the bottom,  but still. Too hard to decide. They look so good. Here's some more that have been edited by Burak Aslan!

I might use that last one also. :3